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Virtual or Hybrid Trials: Trust in Experience, Trust in Lunexis™

Download this free fact sheet to learn more about Clinical Ink’s approach to virtual trials.

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Clinical Ink is the leader in virtual trial conduct. From our experience with an Ebola virus study of 5,000 patients in sub-Saharan Africa to our track record of successful bring your own device (BYOD) studies involving 15,000 patients across Phase I-IV+ clinical trials, we have the experience to virtualize whatever trial you present us.

This free info sheet includes an Ebola case study and explains how direct data capture (DDC), bring your own device (BYOD), provisioned electronic patient-report outcomes (ePRO), electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA), timely risk-based management (RBM), eConsent, telemedicine, and more can all be implemented to make your data stream and your work flow.

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