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How to Minimize Time and Cost of ePRO Translation

Join Clinical Ink and TransPerfect on October 8 discuss approaches to ePRO translation that keep time and expense to a minimum.

Thursday, October 8
11:00 a.m. EDT

With increasing pharma, regulatory, and public interest in patient reported outcomes, the use of electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) tools for clinical research is on the rise. For global clinical trials, the patient-completed questionnaires must be translated. Depending upon the number of languages required, costs increase and timelines swell.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why developing a solid understanding between ePRO provider, translation provider, and customer is a priority
  • How early conversations — even at the proposal stage — ensure best practices, proactively plan for translations and licensing, and prevent late-stage setbacks
  • What factors regarding translations should come into play when narrowing down the site list
  • The importance of subject matter expertise in creating and pressure-testing translated electronic questionnaires and handling questions of copyright to ensure a smooth, efficient process
  • How a collaboration between an ePRO provider and a translation provider intimately involved in the translation methodology — the steps that go into developing each translation — creates better control over the process
  • What translation innovation is in progress to alleviate inefficiencies in the feedback/amendment process and condense the typical ePRO translation workflow

Across the industry, ePRO translation is an iterative process involving many rounds of amendments from translators, ePRO vendors, and customers. This convoluted process squanders time and resources.

Taking careful, early stock of a study’s scope, including what the plan is and what is required for each of the questionnaires and languages, will prevent delays.Great relationships with a top-tier ePRO provider and translation provider will ensure that translation activities flow as smoothly as possible and customers benefit from ongoing provider improvements to the ePRO translation workflow.

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