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The Future Impact COVID-19 Might Have on Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Ink’s CEO Ed Seguine, Laurie Halloran (Halloran Consulting), Cheryl Small (Alnylam) and moderator Craig Lipset (Pfizer) discuss how clinical trials may evolve.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a very disruptive force for clinical trials, impacting patient participation and creating operational, data management, and statistical challenges. Huge negative disruption often leads to innovation and change. Does the challenge of COVID-19 create an incentive to address the broader structural dynamics that have been an impediment to broadly adopting new approaches to clinical trial execution? Is there a concern that a "mad rush" to attempt to adopt new ‘virtual models midstream in ongoing studies poses a larger risk of sloppy, confused implementation that could make long-term adoption slower?

This webinar discusses how companies are coping with the challenges imposed by COVID-19 and how that might lead to a creation of new clinical development paradigms, including the risks and benefits of change and how companies might be able to strategize and implement meaningful change in a post-crisis world.