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Reducing Site Workload for Better, Faster, Safer Clinical Trials

Download this free whitepaper to learn how to execute fast, high-quality clinical trials through eSource for studies that boost efficiency for both sponsors and sites.


Life science companies are under increasing pressure to execute high-quality clinical trials fast. Many organizations have adopted electronic source, or eSource, to meet this need. In a free whitepaper by Clinical Ink, discover the impact Lumenis, Clinical Ink's eSource platform, has had on more than 500 site users, reducing study workloads, increasing efficiency and improving data quality. Learn how Lumenis is transforming clinical research today.

What you'll find in this whitepaper

  • Quantitative outcomes from a Capture site impact survey of 500+ users
  • Qualitative feedback from survey respondents on the benefit of Capture
  • More details on the benefits and features of Capture to inform decision-making

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