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ePRO Solutions for Clinical Trials, Fast

Download this free fact sheet to learn more about how Clinical Ink’s enhanced eSource ecosystem of data collection and integration methods improves data quality, streamlines workflows, and elevates the patient, site, and sponsor experience.

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Streamline your clinical trials with more than fast, clean data — now gain even greater operational speed and efficiency with the configurable Lunexis™ Ecosystem. Deploy our holistic eSource platform, paired with adjacent best-in-breed technologies to achieve a better trial experience for everyone — with 3x faster study builds.

As the pioneers in eSource, we know our solutions must key into patients’ and sites’ day-to-day realities. This fact sheet explains how Lunexis ePRO+ enhancements provide the adaptability to support clinical trial patients and their clinicians in today’s unpredictable world while giving you cleaner data for confident decisions.

Imagine a single technology that flexes to support you from protocol development to commercialization. Make it a reality with Clinical Ink.

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