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Fact Sheet

For All of Your eCOA & ePRO Needs at Home & On-Site

Download this free sell sheet to learn more about Clinical Ink’s eSource platform.

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This free sell sheet discusses Clinical Ink at-home and on-site, two of the three modules in the Clinical Ink eSource platform that create a single source for eCOA and ePRO needs. Capture offers patient portability, questionnaire workflow support and on-device training. Engage offers point-and-click functionality, rapid and regular design prototyping, configurable coding and more. Learn about two dynamic solutions in this free resource today.

What you’ll find in this fact sheet:

  • Features of Clinical Ink’s eCOA and ePRO tablets, including workflow support
  • Details on Clinical Ink’s ePRO solutions for patients, including BYOD support
  • Information on meeting at-home and on-site needs with a single solution

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