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Fact Sheet

Complete eCOA Solutions: One Solution for All Your Protocol Requirements

Download this free sell sheet to learn more about Clinical Ink’s eSource platform.

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This free sell sheet discusses how Clinical Ink’s eSource solutions offer a single platform for managing and capturing data for all study protocol requirements, such as screening, enrollment, randomization, vital signs, physical exams, adverse events, and questionnaires. Understand the key benefits of this single source and learn how it supports clinical outcomes assessments covering ClinROs, ObsROs, PerfOs, and PROs for a wide range of phases and therapeutics areas. Download this free resource today.

What you’ll find in this fact sheet:

  • How Clinical Ink’s platform manages and captures data for all protocol requirements
  • Key benefits of a single source, including increased compliance and centralized monitoring
  • Information on reported outcomes, training, and at-home ePRO and patient engagement

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