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Large Pharma Alzheimer’s Disease Decentralized Clinical Trial

Complex eCOA Clinical Trial Completed Remotely With Lunexis™

Get this case study to find out how the Lunexis eCOA clinical trial solution easily managed complex central nervous system (CNS) assessments for a large, decentralized Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial.


A leading pharmaceutical company is conducting a CNS clinical trial to evaluate its Alzheimer’s disease therapy in older adults. Because the sponsor wanted to conduct CNS assessments remotely, it needed a robust data capture system that would facilitate complex CNS eCOA via telehealth. Using Lunexis, the sponsor is enrolling over 6,000 participants, all participating primarily from home.

Download the case study to find out how Lunexis:

  • Facilitates remote interaction and handoff between clinicians, patients, and the study partners
  • Enables easy integration with multiple technology partners
  • Improves patient recruitment, retention, and compliance

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