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Happy Site, Happy Life: Illuminate the Path to a Brighter Future for Lupus Research by Easing Site Workflows

Traditionally, convenience of protocol execution for sites has not been a major factor in clinical trial design. But you have to wonder why, given that sponsors depend on sites to properly perform the exacting, daily work of patient management and data collection. Common sense dictates that considering site workflows and providing tools that support effective protocol execution would benefit all stakeholders by easing the burden on sites while reducing errors and producing higher quality data. One such consideration is systems that allow sites to capture data electronically, during the patient visit. According to a survey by the Society for Clinical Research Sites, 79% of sites found it helpful to record data in a direct data capture (DDC) solution. (2017, Why Is Clinical Source Data Still Collected on Paper?)

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A Virtual Answer to the Paradox of Clinical Research in a World of Contagion: Advanced Logistics and Data Capture for Rapid, Cost-Effective Infectious Disease Research

When we think about clinical research innovation, we usually focus on the science. What is our inspired hypothesis, and how are we going to prove or disprove it?

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