Author: Jonathan Andrus

ePRO / eCOA / eSource DDC

How Real-Time Data Can Expedite Infectious Disease Clinical Trials

For infectious disease studies of any kind, the ability to accelerate trial timelines, while also providing high-quality data and reducing barriers to patient participation, is highly prized. And when the World Health Organization (WHO) declares a virus a pandemic, there’s no time to lose. Infectious disease drug developers must respond immediately to find treatment and prophylactic candidates and rapidly move them through the drug development process.

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eSource DDC

The eSource Ecosystem: Making Decentralized, Traditional, and BYOD Trials Your Reality

By now, it should be clear to everyone that hybrid trials are here to stay. Our customers are seeing the benefits, and now others are taking notice.

But what defines these trials? And what are the best practices and best resources to really make them work?

The foundation is eSource – more specifically, direct data capture (DDC), as opposed to EDC. From complicated ClinROs to BYOD, Clinical Ink has pioneered and set the bar for decentralized and traditional trials, and I can tell you that it takes a thoroughly proven, tightly integrated technology toolkit to coordinate all the disparate tasks involved in these trials.

This blog explains what DDC is and how it’s really the only methodology that will afford you the flexibility, speed, site efficiency, and data quality you need to make your trials successful.

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