Empowerment Model: A Model to Efficiently Build eCOA Clinical Trials

As pioneers in eSource, a technology that enables electronic data capture at its inception, we’re constantly looking for ways to streamline clinical trials and minimize the time it takes to launch them. By using our Lunexis™ eSource Ecosystem, our customers shave months off their timelines due to the near-elimination of source data verification (SDV) and the ability to access and analyze data in real time.

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How Real-Time Data Can Expedite Infectious Disease Clinical Trials

For infectious disease studies of any kind, the ability to accelerate trial timelines, while also providing high-quality data and reducing barriers to patient participation, is highly prized. And when the World Health Organization (WHO) declares a virus a pandemic, there’s no time to lose. Infectious disease drug developers must respond immediately to find treatment and prophylactic candidates and rapidly move them through the drug development process.

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