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Clinical Data Certainty From Source To Submission: Addressing Data Challenges With eSource

Clinical Ink’s chief strategy officer Jonathan Andrus, Chelsey Ryan (PROMETRIKA, LLC) and Amy Neubauer (Alkermes) discuss data challenges.

In today’s connected world, Clinical Trials are embracing technical innovations to help organizations make confident decisions faster. As a part of this effort, many organizations are embracing eSource and Direct Data Capture to collect data directly from the patient at the time of the visit. This presentation will focus on what organizations can do to help ensure the certainty of their data from the initial direct collection of the data all the way to its submission. Targeted review and centralized data review will be discussed and highlighted as part of helping organizations embrace a direct data capture approach to clinical trials.

Key Takeaways:

  • One: Learn how eSource/DDC enables true and targeted RBM
  • Two: Get insight into how eSource/DDC allows for agile study design and rapid responses by sites and/or sponsors to issues
  • Three: Discuss how eSource/DDC decreases study costs and timelines

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